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ICARE HOME TONOMETER is suitable for home use or even travel. It is compact, has a light ring to help guide the placement of the probe, and has adjustable forehead and cheek supports.



Patients set the Icare tonometer according to measurements established by their doctor during training. The device gathers IOP, date, time, eye (left or right), and a quality score.

The device knows whether you’re measuring the left or right eye. You’ll see a red-light-green-light display. This lets you know when you’re at the right distance from the instrument and the device is angled correctly.

You won’t see the IOP measurement. The device needs to be plugged into a computer. The data is then transmitted to your Eye Physicians of Long Beach eye care provider using special Icare® CLINIC software.

Future versions will likely offer wireless transmission to cloud storage, allowing your eye doctor to download it.


How Does the Icare HOME Take Measurements?

A disposable probe is inserted into the Icare® HOME tonometer every time you use it. The probe gently contacts your eye during measurement.

A complete measurement is a series of six very rapid measurements. The probe moves to the cornea and back during each of the six measurements. The tonometer then calculates the final eye pressure and stores it in memory.

Package includes:
– 10 x sterilized probes
– Batteries
– USB stick with instruction manual
– Software
– USB cable
– Shipping bag



Model nameTA022
Dimensions11cm x 8cm x 3cm
Weight150 g
Power supply2 x CR123 non-rechargeable batteries
Measurement range5 – 50 mmHg
Accuracy(95 % tolerance interval relative to manometry): ±1.2 mmHg (≤20 mmHg) and ±2.2 mmHg (>20 mmHg)
Repeatability (coefficient of variation)<8%
This device has BF-type electric shock protection



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