Arum 5x-200 Dental Milling Machine


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Arum 5x-200 Dental Milling Machine FEATURES:

Amazing Milling PowerWith DC 3.0 kw spindle, Servo Motor & Linear Guide, you can mill any dental material such as Titanium, Co-Cr, Pre-milled Blank, Zirconia, Lithium Disilicate, Nanocomposite, PMMA, PEEK, and WAX and more.
Mounting of 5 Pre-milled BlanksWith a function of mounting of 5 pre-milled blanks simultaneously. Also, you can product Customized Abutment without Connector with AT Holder.
Easy Material ReplacementAs it is easy to replace Disk Cartridge, you can replace Disk quickly and easily and use materials economically. In addition to Disk, you can also exchange materials quickly such as Pre-milled Blank and CAD Block, etc.
Special Tool Designed For PerfectionThe optimal tool designed to increase the completeness of milling. With use of ARUM’s special tools such as Drill Tool, Reamer Tool, and Thread Tool, etc., you can achieve the best milling restoration.
CAM : HYPERDENT CLASSIC hyperDENT® Classic was developed for the advanced user. This open CAM solution is No. 1 amongst milling centers where flexible and optimized manufacturing processes are crucial. However, dental labs can also benefit from the advantages of hyperDENT® Classic. With the Template Generator, the user can develop individual milling strategies.

What Arum 5x-200 Dental Milling Machine can mill?

Inlay and Onlay, Crown, Coping, Crown Bridge, Coping Bridge, Dental Bar, Screw-Retained Bridge, Customized Abutment, Hybrid Abutment, Model, Splint


Wet and Dry
Spindle Power
DC 3.0kw
Max. RPM
Tool Shank (mm)
Drive Mechanism
Ball Screw
Way System
Linear Guide
Machine Size (WxDxH)
31.5 x 37.4 x 37 inch
Total Size (WxDxH)
31.5 x 37.4 x 69.3 inch
Weight (Machine / Table)
595 lbs / 298 lbs
Travel – X,Y,Z axis
13 x 5.75 x 5.71 inch
Travel – A-axis / B-axis
360˚/ ±30˚

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