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3Shape TRIOS 4 Intraoral Scanner features dual caries detection. According to a press release from the company, the caries diagnosis aid for surface caries is not yet cleared by the FDA for clinical use in the United States; while the caries diagnostic aid for interproximal detection is not yet available.

The wireless intraoral scanner also includes a new generation of TRIOS smart tips that feature instant-heat technology for optimized scanning.

All TRIOS models feature an open workflow ecosystem and partner-integrations with orthodontic, implant-makers, practice management, and sleep treatment providers, as well as manufacturing options with 3D printers and milling machines.

The 3Shape TRIOS 4 is the latest addition to the family of TRIOS intraoral scanners and offers some great features! It is the first scanner in the world to help diagnose caries. Thanks to the integrated instant heating technology, the TRIOS 4 is ready to scan in seconds which in turn leads to a 30% higher battery life. In addition, the 3Shape TRIOS 4 offers the same features that all TRIOS scanners are famous for – namely accuracy, speed, STL output, and realistic colors.

TRIOS 4 is the most powerful 3Shape intraoral scanner to date and the world’s first intraoral scanner with digital detection of possible surface and interproximal caries without the need for an additional scanning device. TRIOS 4 comes with a new generation of tips with instant-heat technology so they are scan-ready in seconds, enabling 30% additional battery life.

TRIOS 4 includes the well-known 3Shape scan technology with excellent accuracy, insane speed mode, realistic lifelike colors, and shade measurement as well as AI scan technology for simplified scanning.

Get the most out of digital dentistry

– Scan-and-send or offer chairside services
– Show patients 3D scans of their dentition
– Engage patients and gain acceptance
– Detect surface caries early

Size: pod diameter 12 cm / weight: 345 g

The Pod enables scanning with TRIOS using selected laptop PCs and thereby offers mobility and flexibility for dentists working in multiple locations or for clinics with limited space.

Wired and wireless in one

The TRIOS 4 Pod setup comes with an additional Pod and a 1.6m smart cord for convenience.

3Shape TRIOS 4 Intraoral Scanner   INCLUDE:

Improved Wi-Fi
Powerful new processor provides stabilized internet connection for enhanced productivity, and smart cord for convenience.

Instant-heat smart tips and extended battery life
New generation of smart tips with no-wait heating technology so you are scan-ready in seconds and boosting TRIOS battery life by 30%.

Caries diagnostic aid
Digital detection and early intervention of suspected surface caries, with upcoming option to simultaneously perform a standard 3D scan and surface caries scan in one sweep.


The 3Shape TRIOS 4 IOS digital images are indicated for use in:

– Restorations
– Orthodontics
– Implantology
– Assessment of dental status


3Shape TRIOS 4 Intraoral Scanner comes with three rechargeable batteries.
Scanning Time
New batteries provide ≈ 45 min. continuous scanning time (for a new battery).
Charging Time
3 – 6 hours, depending on battery charge level when charging is initiated.

Same room, up to 5 meters.

3Shape TRIOS 4 Intraoral Scanner specifications:

Weight (incl. battery) : 375 g
Light source : LED
Output format : PLY, DCM and STL
Size : 4,2 x 27,4 cm / 1 x 2 inches
Diameter : 12 cm / 3 inches

Package includes:

– TRIOS 4 Wireless scanner wand
– 5x TRIOS 4 scanner tips
– TRIOS 4 Protection tip
– TRIOS 4 Calibration kit
– 3x batteries
– Charger incl. power cord
– Wall mount kit for charger
– TRIOS 4 Wireless scanner pod
– Wireless adapter
– TRIOS 4 scanner pod for wired setup
– TRIOS 4 Cord
– Ethernet cable
– USB to Ethernet adapter
– Pod PSU incl. power cord
– Pod installation guide
– USB Dongle with software
– 3Shape subscription dongle
– Documentation

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