Fotona Lightwalker ATS Dental Laser

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Fotona Lightwalker ATS Dental Laser

Fast efficient cutting with unmatched patient comfort
With the advent of QSP technology and higher output power (several kW), the LightWalker ATS has established a new standard for ablation/cutting speed. This new accelerated cutting speed provides today’s dentists with the speed and precision they demand, while simultaneously increasing patient comfort.

Precise tissue surgery with simultaneous disinfection
The homogeneous absorption of the Nd:YAG laserin soft tissue results in controlled tissue vaporization with simultaneous coagulation for superior healing and disinfection.

Easy-to-use touch screen
LightWalker has an easy-to–use color touch- screen with an adjustable tilt and 80 customizable presettings that cover more than 40 different applications.

Easy access spray/heated water reservoir
The integrated spray water container means that you don’t have to rely on any water mains outlet, making your laser system exceptionally mobile and hasslefree. The container is handily located at the back of the system for easy refilling access. Additionally, the water is heated to body temperature, avoiding cold sensitivity reactions during procedures.

Patented weightless OPTOflex® arm
LightWalker’s unique and patented OPTOflex® Er:YAG articulated arm is designed to transmit a high-power laser beam to the handpiece, while maintaining the quality of the laser beam to ensure precision and repeatability even at the highest settings.

The OPTOflex® arm is perfectly balanced during use, making handpieces completely weightless in your hand. OPTOflex® allows a full range of motion and maximum degree of control as it makes maneuvering the handpiece much smoother, which improves treatment precision and ease.

Wireless footswitch
LightWalker also has an optional wireless footswitch that avoids unnecessary tangling of electric cables on your practice floor.

Fotona Lightwalker ATS Dental Laser  Package Includes:

Fotona LightWalker Laser Unit
Wireless Footswitch
R21-C2 Fiber Optic Nd:YAG Handpiece
R21-C3 Fiber Optic Nd:YAG Handpiece
H02 Tipless Er:YAG Handpiece
H14 Tipped Er:YAG Handpiece with 4 Tips For Perio, Endo, Hard/Soft Tissue
PS04 Pixel Structure Er:YAG Handpiece
3 Sets of Laser Safety Goggles
Operators Manual
1 Year Warranty

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