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PHILIPS CX50 Portable Ultrasound system provides premium performance in a compact design. This portable but powerful system packs the punch of the larger flagship systems (iU-22/iE-33) with features such as PureWave transducers, SonoCT imaging and XRES technology. The CX50 is also the only portable system that allows you to perform live 3D TEE cardiac imaging with the advent of the X7-2t compact TEE transducer. The CX50 boasts stunning image clarity and definition in a portable system.

PHILIPS CX50 Portable Ultrasound system

B, M, PW & CW Doppler, Colorflow
17” Flat Panel Display
xSTREAM architecture
PureWave Crystal Transducers
2D Imaging
Panoramic Imaging
Tissue Doppler Imaging
Tissue Harmonics
Netlink DICOM 3.0
The proven features that make Philips CX50 a powerful tool
Purewave transducer
This ultrasound machine enables you to image a lot of patients using a single transducer. Thanks to the Purewave transducer, the machine offers exceptional clarity and tissue detail. The sector transducer supports Purewave.

Sonosite Imaging
You don’t need special maneuvers or complex technique for you to scan with Philips CX50. Sonosite imaging allows the machine to compound different angles into a single image. It provides remarkable structural clarity to help you make the right diagnosis. You can obtain high-quality images from this machine.

Advanced XRES
Together with SonoCT, this feature refines the quality of images to provide extraordinary tissue differentiation. You can quickly collect the smallest details on all body types.

Tools of Philips CX50 General imaging ultrasound system that boost your workflow
iSCAN one button optimization
Philips CX50 contains this tool which can optimize the system parameters in Doppler modes according to the condition of the patient. It allows you to concentrate on the patient since it requires minimal keystrokes.

Active native data
The active native data saves you time and enhances your workflow since it prevents you from repeating procedures. In the end, it saves the patient’s time since you can deliver quick results.

Multiport adaptor
You can connect up to three transducers to the ultrasound machine using the multiport adaptor. The tool allows you to switch the transducers as you proceed with exams easily.

Who should purchase the Philips CX50 General imaging ultrasound system ?
If you are interested in cardiac viewing, this ultrasound machine is for you. It provides high-resolution images for such exams. You can also use it to conduct advanced imaging analysis due to the inclusion of tools like tissue analysis. Clinicians who would like to create graphics files for presentations can also buy this ultrasound machine. You can utilize it to view and manipulate 3D data sets.

Adult Cardiac
Pediatric Cardiac
Peripheral Vascular
Emergency Medicine
General Imaging
Interventional Radiology
Women’s Healthcare
Critical Care
S5-1 Phased Array Transducer
S8-3 Phased Array Transducer
S12-4 Phased Array Transducer
C5-1 Curved Array Transducer
C8-5 Curved Array Transducer
C9-3io Curved Array Transducer
C6-2 Curved Array Transducer
C9-4 Curved Array Transducer
L12-3 Linear Array Transducer
L15-7io Linear Array Transducer
L10-4lap Linear Array Transducer
X7-2 xMATRIX Array Transducer
DEMO Philips CX50, Shared Service, Cardiac & Vascular Calculations Package, Color Doppler, CW/PW Doppler, M-Mode, (CPA) Color Power Angio Directional CPA, Invert and Color Invert, Color Compare Mode, Duplex and Triplex, THI, Smart Exam, iSCAN Advanced XRES, Live Compare, Adult Echo, Grayscale Freehand 3D, DICOM Networking, SonoCT, ECG Cable

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