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APLIO I800 CANON ULTRASOUND Machine is a premium ultrasound machine with powerful features, high-quality imaging and exceptional reliability.

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APLIO I800 CANON ULTRASOUND Machine are engineered for unrivaled clinical precision.

Crystal-clear images with improved resolution and penetration, as well as a large number of expert tools, help you quickly and reliably get an accurate diagnostic answer.

New broadband sensors have been developed for the system, which cover an area 2 times larger than the sensors of the previous series.

These sensors form images with greater sensitivity and resolution. 24 megapixel.

APLIO I800 CANON ULTRASOUND Machine Specifications:

Touch screen on console with 3 interactive zones
Flexible display and console position adjustment
On-screen navigation through trackball functions
Wireless tablet control
Optimizing QuickScan images in real time with the push of a button

Operating modes:

B, M, PWD, CWD, CFM, Precision Imaging, ApliPure, MicroPure, Power, TDI, 4D, 3D Color, STIC, STIC Color, Smart 3D, Fusion, Smart Navigation, 2D WMT
BEAM (original technology of automatic optimal real-time display of the puncture needle)
SMI – Superb Micro-vascular Imaging (microcirculatory imaging technology allows you to display low-speed blood flow in microvessels)
compression elastography and shear wave elastography


  • Smart Sensor3D – Adding a magnetic sensor to a conventional UT sensor allows you to get positioning information and accurately calculate volume, as well as distance and angle
  • ultra-wideband transducers (i8CX1 convex transducer, i6SVX2 TEE volumetric transesophageal transducer, i6SVX1 and i6SX1 volumetric sector transducer, and i18LX5 linear transducer) are characterized by high sensitivity and resolution of both deep and superficial structures and cover 2 times more space compared to conventional transducers
  • DINAMIC MICROSLICE technology , by improving the clarity of tomographic sections, improves the quality of diagnosis, regardless of the depth of imaging
  • the function of translucent glass ” Shadow Glass ” allows you to better visualize the details
  • Precision technology provides sharp contours and high image uniformity
  • iBeam ultrasonic beamforming technology features enhanced computing capabilities and provides high-definition and detailed images for examining small and complex patients
  • the possibility of examination with a contrast agent (CEUS)
  • ApliPure provides high contrast, low noise images
  • mode (DTH) of differential tissue harmonics increases the penetration depth of ultrasound beams and improves spatial resolution
  • Luminance mode allows you to get a high-quality image of the fetus in the first trimester through a three-dimensional reconstruction of the received data
  • the Smart Fusion function allows real-time analysis and comparison of current ultrasound images with images obtained on CT, MRI and ultrasound images obtained earlier on a 4-zone monitor screen
  • Smart Navigation facilitates biopsy by following the path of the color-coded biopsy needle
  • start of the mitral valve imaging mode by pressing one button
  • Ability to work with raw data
  • using the Fly Thru function , you can explore volumetric formations by navigating through reconstructed cavities and vessels
  •  features advanced myocardial tracking technology and automatic mitral valve area calculation software
  • Tissue Doppler Imaging ( Pulsed-Wave-TDI ) is used for accurate temporal evaluation of cardiac events in visualization and quantification

APLIO I800 CANON ULTRASOUND Machine Probes & Transducers

Convex Probes

  • PVI-475BT(i8C1)
  • PVI-475BX(i8CX1)
  • PVT-375BT(6C1)
  • PVT-375SC(6Cs1)
  • PVT-674BT(10C3)

Micro Convex Probes

  • PVT-382BT(6MC1)
  • PVT-712BT(11MC4)

Endo Cavity Probes

  • PVT-781VT(11C3)
  • PVT-781VTE(11C3)

3/4D Convex Probes

  • PVT-675MVL(9CV2)
  • PVT-681MVL(11CV3)

Intra Operative Probes

  • PVT-350BTP(6CP1)
  • PVT-745BTF(11CI4)
  • PVT-745BTH(11CI4)
  • PVT-745BTV(11CI4)

BI Plane Probes

  • PVL-715RST(11CL4)

Linear Array Probes

  • PLI-1205BX(i18LX5)
  • PLI-2004BX(i24LX8)
  • PLT-704SBT(11L4)
  • PLT-705BT(11L3)
  • PLT-1005BT(14L5)
  • PLT-1204BT(18L7)

Sector Probes

  • PSI-30BX(i6SX1)
  • PSI-70BT(i10S4)
  • PST-25BT(5S1)
  • PST-30BT(5S2)
  • PST-50BT(6S3)

TEE Probes

  • PEI-512VX(i6SVX2)
  • PET-508MA(7S3)
  • PET-512MD(8SM2)

Laparoscopic Probes

  • PET-805LA(12LI4)

Pencil Probes

  • PC-20M(P2)
  • PC-50M(P5)


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