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Lutronic Spectra XT Laser Machine is an extended platform of the Spectra laser with more applications such as Gold toning with 595nm, RuVY touch with 660nm and Revital treatment with 1064nm. More wavelengths on offer and more options.

Gold toning 595nm

595 nm is shown to be a safer wavelengths than 585nm due to its lower melanin absorption so limited risk of PIH (Post-Inflammatory hyperpigmentation)

RuVY rouch 660nm

660nm is safer than 532nm in the application of pigmented lesions due to a lower absorption in melanin and oxy- & deoxy- haemoglobin so limiting risk of PIH.

1064nm revital treatment

High Powered quasi-long pulse 1064nm is used to create good collagen remodelling.

Laser facial

The skin is covered with a carbon paste and the laser passed over. this blasts away the carbon, and with it, dead skin and impurities. This causes an increase in the surface temperature of the skin and exfoliation as well as the break up of deeper lying pigments. Effects of this are immediate.The result is an instant rejuvenation and glow to the skin as well as minimising enlarged pores, acne and fine line and wrinkles.

Key Features :

Quick treatment times
Limited downtime with treatments such as carbon peel
Long lasting results
Multiple cosmetic applications
Multiple handpieces
multiple treatment options
full colour tattoo removal
Key treatments Lutronic Spectra XT Laser Machine

595nm “gold toning”

Vascular lesions
Facial flushing
Nevus of Ota, Ito
ABNOM or Hori’s nevus
Traumatic Tattoo
660nm “RuVY touch

Other epidermal pigmented lesions
1064nm Revital treatment Lutronic Spectra XT Laser Machine

Skin rejuvenation
Seborrhea with enlarged facial pores
Inflammatory acne lesions with seborrhea

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