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Candela Vbeam Perfecta Medical Laser is a non-ablative, pulsed dye laser, which means the laser energy is released in pulses through a dyed liquid; the energy harmlessly passes through the surface of the skin. The laser energy heats up and destroys pigment in melanin and red blood cells to reduce excess coloring and blood vessels without harming surrounding tissues.

Candela Vbeam Perfecta Medical Laser Treatments addresses a wide range of skin concerns, including:

Acne post-inflammatory redness
Red stretch marks
Port wine stains
Leg veins
Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
Sun damage
General redness in the face and neck

Treatment Areas:
Vbeam Perfecta is most frequently used on the face, but is safe and effective for most other areas such as the neck, arms, hands, back, and chest.

Vbeam Perfecta Results:
Results will depend on the condition that was treated. Most patients notice some improvement within the first 4 to 8 weeks as brown coloring sloughs off and redness fades. When Perfecta is used for facial rejuvenation, firming and tightening of the skin may take a little longer as collagen production in the skin increases.

Recommended Number Of Treatments:
The number of treatments required depends on the condition being addressed. We usually recommend a series of 4-6 treatments spaced 4 weeks apart; however, in some cases one treatment is all that is needed.

What is Micropulse and how is it different?
Micropulse technology spreads out a single laser pulse into 8 evenly spaced micro bursts of laser energy. As a result, more energy can be directed to the targeted vein or pigmented spot without risk to the skin. Since the laser energy is applied over longer periods of time there is a gentler heating effect and uniform coagulation. By heating targeted vessels more gently, the Vbeam Perfecta eliminates or minimizes post-treatment purpura (bruising).

Standard laser pulses have more impact when used aggressively for resistant pigmentation and more pronounced vein conditions and thus often cause more bruising.

Is Vbeam safe?
The laser has a unique ability to selectively target the blood vessels of a vascular lesion without adversely affecting the surrounding tissue. It is so safe and effective that it has been used successfully for the treatment of infants as young as a few weeks old.

Study Results for Rosacea and Red Acne Scarring
Rosacea Study*: 20 patients with Rosacea. A greater than 80% improvement seen in all patients treated. Acne Scar Study: 200 patients with Acne Scar Redness. All patients benefited from a 30-50% reduction in the post-acne redness after the first treatment. After three or four treatments, a reduction in redness of 75-90% was achieved. In a number of patients, the post-acne redness disappeared altogether. The results seemed to vary based on the depth of the acne scarring.

Most patients suffered from light purpura (bruising) after treatment, lasting approximately three to four days. This was a light pink bruise rather than the eggplant bruise seen when using older models of the pulsed dye laser. At the parameters used, there was no Pigmentary change. There was no pretreatment or post-treatment care regimen .

Candela Vbeam Perfecta Medical Laser  Product Specifications :
Laser Type Pulsed Dye
Wavelength 595 nm
Pulse Width 0.45-40 ms
Spot Sizes 3mm – 40 J/cm2; 5mm – 30 J/cm2; 7mm – 20J/cm2; 10mm – 10 J/cm2; 12mm – 7 J/cm2; 3x10mm – 25 J/cm2; 7mm PL – 15 J/cm2; 10mm PL – 10 J/cm2
Beam Delivery 3m optical fiber with handpiece
Pulse Control Fingerswitch, Footswitch
Cooling Cryogen Container DCD
Dimensions 43″H x 16″W x 30″D
Weight 290 Lbs
Electrical 230 V 50/60 Hz, Single Phase, 18A

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