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Fotona QX MAX Laser is a perfect blend of laser with the power, specification and wavelengths to remove all common pigment and ink as well as technology .

Fotona QX MAX Laser can offer are:

Full-colour tattoo removal
Pigmentation removal
Vascular lesions
Acne and acne scarring
Hair removal

Multiple wavelengths

To remove a pigment or an ink you must first have the correct wavelength. Different colours are target by different wavelengths sio it is important to have a wide range.

The Fotona QX max offers 4 different wavelengths for optimal pigmented and ink removal

1064 nm Nd:YAG to treat and remove dark pigments
532 nm KTP for lighter pigments, vascular lesions and red, tan, purple and orange tattoo inks
650 nm dye for green tattoo inks
585 nm dye for sky blue inks and vascular lesions

Fotona’s Accelera Pulse

Fotona’s Accelera pulse technology generates sub-millisecond pulse-widths to provide minimally invasive skin rejuvenation and many other popular non-ablative aesthetic treatments.
Beam Profile

A homogeneous beam is paramount to ensure safety of laser treatments so that energy is evenly distributed across the treatment area and during the whole span of the laser width. This homogeneous beam delivery results in no hot-spots and less chance of bleeding or scarring occurring. Fotona’s Vacuum Cell and OPTOflex technologies produces almost perfectly homogeneous beam profile.

OPTOFLEX is specifically designed to transmit Q-switched laser light with minimal loss of energy.

VACUUM Cell is included within the OPTOflex arm to create perfectly uniform laser spots. This avoids the “ringed effect” that standard Q-switched technologies produce. Because the laser power is not concentrated in one area within the laser spot, the risk of unwanted side effects and skin damage is minimised.
Safety and Precision

EFC (Energy Feedback Control) technology is a core safety feature which actively monitors each individual pulse’s energy level to ensure that the output energy is exactly matched to the what is been displayed on the screen.


Fotona QX MAX Laser key features

1.6 J single-pulse energy maximum energy
Large spot sizes
Uniform beam profile
Vacuum Cell Technology.
OPTOflex® arm
Wide range of treatments including FRAC3®.


The Fotona QX MAX’s boasts high energy upto 1.6 joules in a single pulse and 5ns pulses for high peak power allowing you to use large spot sizes for deep lying pigment and ink removal.

A single pulse is not affected by the optical shielding (the frosting that appears from a high energy pulse after it hits a pigment). This means deep pigmented can be targeted and removed by high energy single pulses. The larger the spot size the less fluence required and less risk of side effects.

The new R-HX handpiece produces a completely flat laser beam profile that is hexagonal in shape to allow for more precise and uniform coverage. With R-HX, empty space between the spots and undesirable overlapping can be avoided. This ensures greater efficacy and superior clinical results

Fotona QX MAX Laser Specification :

Q-switched Nd:YAG
Q-switched KTP Nd:YAG
Q-switched 650 nm dyeQ-switched 585 nm dye
Accelera pulse Nd:YAG
Wavelength1064 nm532 nm650 nm585 nm1064 nm
Max. energy 1600 mJ 600 mJ 220 mJ340 mJ5 J
Max. fluence 12.7 J/cm² 6.4 J/cm²7 J/cm² 10.5 J/cm²160 J/cm²
Max. frequency 10 Hz 10 Hz 0.5 – 2.2 Hz1 Hz2 Hz
Spotsizes 2 – 8 mm 2 – 8 mm2, 3, 4 mm2, 3, 4 mm 2 – 8 mm

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