Lutronic Infini RF and Microneedling


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Lutronic Infini RF and Microneedling

How Lutronic Infini RF and Microneedling Works
INFINIskin uses gold-plated microneedles to deliver energy directly into the dermis, protecting the top layer of skin and making this treatment safe for all skin types, evern tanned skin .

Do INFINIskin Treatments Hurt?
You will feel heat and some pressure during treatment. While most clients say the treatment is tolerable, be sure to let your treatment provider know if you’re uncomfortable so we can work to make it a pleasant experience for you.

How Long Are The Treatments?
Treatments can take anywhere from 15-60 minutes depending on your goals. Talk with your specialist to create a custom treatment plan.

Are There Any Side Effects?
You will experience some redness and swelling which can take up to a week to completely resolve. Typically clients return to normal activities within 48 hours.

How Many Treatments Are Required?
3 treatments–each one month apart–are recommended for most patients. Your INFINIskin specialist will determine a treatment schedule for you during your consultation.

How Soon Will I See Results?
You may start to see some changes as little as 24-48 hours after treatment. Your body will continue to rebuild collagen for several weeks after these regenerative medical techniques, and you’ll see changes continue over the next 6 months.

Is Infini FDA approved?

The Lutronic Infini is FDA approved for use by a trained aesthetician, dermatologist, plastic or cosmetic surgeon.

Is Infini the same as microneedling?

Yes and no. A Lutronic Infini combines microneedling with an RF treatment. This gives the benefit of both devices in one treatment.

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