Cynosure Deka MonaLisa Touch C60 CO2 Laser


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Cynosure Deka MonaLisa Touch C60 CO2 Laser in an innovative laser which was produced and designed by Deka, an italian laser manufacturer.

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Cynosure Deka MonaLisa Touch C60 CO2 Laser energy to the walls of the vaginal in safe energy bursts. This procedure can be performed in an office environment without the need for anaesthesia and is virtually painless with no downtime.

Cynosure Deka MonaLisa Touch C60 CO2 Laser Work?

During the treatment, the practitioner will insert a sterile swab into the vagina to dry the vaginal canal. The laser probe will then be inserted and the treatment commences. The Cynosure MonaLisa Touch laser works by optically splitting a laser beam into a series of very small dots to create ablated dots of damaged tissue within the vaginal wall. These microdots are then interpreted by the body as a form of injury and responds by stimulating the production of new collagen to repair damaged tissues. This in turn results in the thickening of the vaginal lining, restoration of vaginal pH and lubrication, and improvement of vaginal blood flow.

How Safe is Cynosure Deka MonaLisa Touch C60 CO2 Laser Treatment?

Cynosure MonaLisa Touch laser treatment is very safe because it is equipped with HiScanV2LR scanning system, which allows correct and precise delivery of laser beam into the treatment area so that the ablated microdots are perfectly placed and overtreatment or burn injuries are avoided. The HiScanV2LR scanning system ensures that the ablated microdots are 200 microns separated from each other by healthy tissue to properly stimulate tissue regeneration and prevent side effects. In addition, Cynosure MonaLisa Touch is the only technology for vaginal rejuvenation with more than 18 published clinical studies and this state-of-the-art treatment is FDA-approved.

What Medical Conditions can Cynosure Deka MonaLisa Touch C60 CO2 Laser Treat?

This advanced vaginal rejuvenation procedure can treat different concerns such as the following:

Vaginal atrophy (thinning, drying and inflammation of the vaginal walls)
Painful sexual intercourse
Urinary stress incontinence
Vaginal itching
Loose or sagging vaginal skin or tissue
Labia minora hypertrophy (enlargement of vaginal lips)

Is it Painless?

The procedure is absolutely painless and takes less than 5 minutes to complete.

Cynosure Deka MonaLisa Touch C60 CO2 Laser Technical Specifications

Laser Type CO2 RF – PSD
Wavelength 10.6 µm
Emission Beam TEM
Emission Time From 0.01 to 0.9 s
Delay Emission Time From 0.3 to 5 s
Beam Delivery 7 Mirrors articulated arm with counterweight.
Aiming Beam Laser diode @ 635 nm – 4 mW – Adjustable intensity from 2% to 100% – Aiming light OFF or Diode Off While Lasing (DOWL).

Internal Database About 150 factory stored protocols, upgradable by USB. Possibility of storing unlimited number of custom user’s protocols.
Control Panel Wide LCD Colour Touch Screen (10.4”)
Accessories HiScan V2 LR Scanner System. Wide range of surgical handpieces.
Electrical Requirements From 100 to 120 Vac – 50/60 Hz From 220 to 230 Vac – 50 Hz – 1,600 VA
Dimensions and Weight 162 (H) x 59 (W) x 56 (D) cm – 95 Kg

63.8” (H) x 23.2” (W) x 22.0” (D) – 267 lb



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