OLYMPUS BF-XP190 Bronchoscope


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OLYMPUS BF-XP190 Bronchoscope

OLYMPUS BF-XP190 Bronchoscope, The Olympus BF-XP190 is a super-slim video bronchoscope used for bronchoscopy applications in hospitals and clinics. It delivers unparalleled image quality and features enhanced handling and functionality through its vastly improved high-resolution CCD on the tip. It uses Narrow Band Imaging (NBI) image enhancement technology, which creates a visual contrast for vessels on the mucosal surface. It also has a wider upward angulation range of up to 210 degrees to facilitate smoother insertion into the upper lobe bronchi and provide more bending capability when an EndoTherapy device is inserted its working channel. Its insertion tube is also redesigned so that it can be rotated left or right up to 120 degrees by a simple and easy-to-use ring on the control section of the scope, thus reducing operator fatigue and allowing smooth insertion and easier operation. The BF-XP190 is also built with a new, fully submersible connector which eliminates the risk of accidental immersion and the costly repair associated with it.

Ultraslim Videoscope
Newly developed CCD on the tip realizes drastically improved image quality
while maintaining an ultraslim diameter and a 1.2 mm instrument channel.

NBI (Narrow Band Imaging)
The incorporated NBI mode, an optical image enhancement technology,
improves the visualization of vessels on the mucosal surface.

Insertion Tube Rotation Function
The insertion tube can be rotated left or right up to 120˚ by simply turning a ring
on the control section of the scope. This supports easier operation and smoother
insertion with less operator fatigue.

E0428822 · 1.000 · 10/16 · PR · HB
Wider Angulation Range
An upward angulation range of 210° supports smoother insertion into the
upper-lobe bronchi and allows more of a bend in the scope when an EndoTherapy
device is inserted into the endoscope’s working channel

Waterproof One-touch Connector
A new connector design minimizes the effort required for setup prior to and in between
cases. In addition, it is fully submersible without a water-resistant cap and eliminates the
associated risk of an expensive repair due to accidental immersion

Ergonomic Scope Cable Direction
The angle of direction of the universal cord has been improved so that the scope cable
does not hang limp, even if the video system is located behind the bronchoscopist

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