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Nexus LXD Salon LED Laser Hair Removal is a disruptive laser technology using a colllimated light and a hybrid of a diode laser and LED bulbs. The LED bulb allows focalized energy to penetrate deeply and destroy hair follicles without affecting the surrounding tissue. The LXD LED LASER operates 20 millions flashes when properly used for a hassle-free, cost-effective laser solution.

Working at frequencies between 750nm and 820nm allows us to safely and effectively treat all skin phototypes and hair types (colour, thickness & depth) without changing the hanpiece or filters. Instead of operating with a peak in energy, the laser emits a stable pulse to keep the power consistent throughout its flash. The lightweight handle is conveniently equipped with a Sapphire Crystal and Thermo Electric Cooler System (TEC), stimulating a skin cryo-numbing effect for minimal treatment descomfort.

Nexus LXD Salon LED Laser Hair Removal Benefits :

LED generates more light with less energy consumption and heat, prolonging bulb lifetime.?

LED allows you to change the color (different wavelengths)?

LED is more efficient in all aspects (heat dispersion, consumption, light intensity and energy saving)

Nexus LXD Salon LED Laser Hair Removal Advantages

– Take it with you ANYWHERE! its lightweight design makes this machine portable and easily transported anywhere you go.

– The LED bulb allows us to work with minimal heat for more comfortable treatmentsand a working environment.

– Unlimited flases at no additional cost.

– LED bulb consumes less energy and produces a more intense light with no heat. Heat exertion is often the main cause of machine breakdowns and repairs!

– A profitable investment with a low amortisation structure.

– A straight forward machine with minimal parts to reduce the need for frequent servicing.

– User-friendly interface and operability.

– Remote technical assistance for programming and troubleshooting.


Why is it low maintenance? – There is no excess cost for cooling the machine or treatment room. Most lasers of the market experience technical probelms, often due to internal heat production. They require frequent maintence and replacementof machine parts exhausted from overheating.

Why does it produce minimal discomfort? – NEXUS LX LED produces a constant and stable pulse to prevent energy peaks. Combined eith the TEC Cooling System, it results in a comfortable treatment.

Why is hair removal with the NEXUS so effective? – The technology uses collimated light with focalised energy to penetrate up to 1.5cm into the tissue, ensuring all hair types are targeted. The variation of wavelengths (750-820nm) makes it effective and safe on all skin phototypes. A stable energy form means the energy remains consistent throughout the treatment, and all areas are treated withour peaks.

Why is it profitable? It is cost-effective to operate with LED bulbs. Up to 10hz frequency allows for quicker treatments, resulting in more revenue! There are no changes in filters or handpieces and no additional flashes.


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