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Alma Hybrid Laser

Alma Hybrid Laser work ?

Alma Hybrid system works using a combination of CO2 laser and non-ablative 1570nm lasers, to help reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, and sun spots.

CO2 lasers utilize precise fractional ablative laser energy to gently resurface the epidermis (the topmost layer of the skin). This means that the CO2 laser within the Alma Hybrid creates micro-passages within the skin to stimulate new collagen growth.

The non-ablative 1570nm laser is a potent and precise option which relies on a thermal effect to trigger regeneration in the dermis, or deeper layers of the skin. While this laser works to stimulate new, healthy collagen regeneration in deeper layers of the skin, it leaves the epidermis, or surface of the skin, completely unharmed.

What to Expect with Alma Hybrid Laser Treatment ?


Before your Alma Hybrid treatment begins, your skin will be thoroughly cleansed and a topical numbing cream will be applied. Once numbing cream takes effect, the Alma Hybrid handpiece will be directed at the treatment area to precisely deliver the laser energy.

After Alma Hybrid, you are likely to experience side effects including redness, swelling, or peeling. Downtime and recovery will vary, and your Symbios Provider will explain expectations during your consultation. Final results will gradually improve as the skin heals and generates new collagen.

What makes the Alma Hybrid so safe?

Alma are the leading laser design company in the world today.

Not only is the Alma Hybrid an award-winning laser due to its innovative technology, but also its unmatched safety, precision and results. The technology used within the laser is designed with patient safety in mind. This is to provide peace of mind to patients that their treatment will be a success, but also to clinic practitioners knowing they are providing industry-leading treatment.

What conditions can the Alma Hybrid treat?

Alma Hybrid treatments can address various skin concerns including:

Wrinkles and fine lines
Acne and other scars
Uneven skin tone and texture

Treatments with the Alma Hybrid are suitable for all skin types with precautions of the darkest skin types.

During the treatment, each pixel can be selected to suit the specific parameters and ratio. For example, one pixel can be non-ablative, while the other can be ablative. This allows the laser to treat virtually any area of the body.

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