Lumenis AcuPulse DUO CO2 Laser System

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Lumenis AcuPulse DUO CO2 Laser Syste offers three power and time exposure modes to enable customized energy delivery for controlled laser-tissue interaction:

CW – Steady, continuous beam of energy, when coagulation is required
Pulser – Constant frequency with variable pulse length, yielding the required average power
Super Pulse – Continuous series of short-duration, high-peak power pulses, for char-free outcomes

Lumenis AcuPulse DUO CO2 Laser System Features

Seamless alternation between the CO2 laser FreeBeam and Fiber delivery modes
Three power and time exposure modes that enables customized energy delivery for optimal tissue management:
CW – Steady, continuous beam of energy. Optimal for when coagulation is desirable
PULSER – Constant frequency with variable pulse length yields the desired average power
SUPER PULSE – Continuous series of short duration, high peak power pulses. Optimal for char free outcome
Advanced, electronically controlled air management system.
Embedded procedure and assembly videos in the user interface
99 memories can be integrated and saved on the system for varies users



Lumenis AcuPulse DUO CO2 Laser System Technical Specifications :

PB-1001426USA Rev. B
AcuPulse DUO Models (part number GA-1000000)
AcuPulse Models 30 / 40 / 30 ST / 40 ST (ST=with SurgiTouch system); Specific configuration kit required
Laser Type CO 2 Laser, sealed-off, DC excited
Wavelength 10.6 micron, infrared
Mode Structure TEMoo
Laser Operating Modes Continuous Wave (CW), Pulser, SuperPulse (SP)
CW Power 1 – 30 W / 1 – 40 W
SuperPulse Average Power 0.5 – 10 W / 0.5 – 15 W (Timed: 0.2 – 10 W / 0.2 – 15 W)
Pulser Average Power 1 – 25 W / 1 – 35 W
Multi-color touch panel – high resolution
Footswitch, up to 10m.
Screen dimensions: 10.4 inch
Electronically controlled switching between fiber and free beam
Aiming Beam 5 mW red diode laser, 635 nm, adjustable intensity, blink on/off, Diode off while lasing option.
Beam Delivery Lightweight, carbon fiber, 7-joint, spring balanced arm, 144 cm (56.7”) reach, 360 deg.
rotation, Flexible fiber using the Lumenis family of CO2 fibers
Laser Emission Indicators
LED illuminated indication active port
Aiming beam only emits from active port
Yellow lamp: Standby / Ready / Lasing Indicator
Audible Tone
Memory Settings Min. 100 + custom memory setting capacity
Cooling Self-contained, closed cycle
Gas Management Internal (low flow) or external (high flow) with bacteriologic filter; electronically controlled
Electrical 100 – 240 VAC, 9A (Max), 50/60 Hz Single phase
Dimensions 40 cm W x 40 cm D x 136 cm H; (15.8” W x 15.8” D x 53.5” H)
Weight 53 kg (117 lbs)
Standards CE, UL

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