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CEREC Primemill Sirona Dentsply is Dentsply Sirona’s chairside milling machine. We spoke to users and CAD/CAM experts about the system. Manufacturer Dentsply Sirona emphasizes, among other things, the speed, versatility, and ease of use of the new machine.


CEREC Primemill Sirona Dentsply Benefits:

Dry milling for zirconia and wet milling for a variety of ceramic materials (traditional and hybrid ceramics) from various manufacturers: Dentsply Sirona, Ivoclar, Vita, 3M, Shofu Merz, GC, Coltene, Kurakay Noritake
All cabinet indications, in blocks up to 70 mm; inlay, onlay, crowns, veneers, crowns screwed onto the implant, multilayer abutment, bridges – depending on the height of the cube/material
Extra-Fine milling mode for a high level of detail in occlusal pits and interdental areas in the case of bridges
Designed for speed and precision
The Super Fast mode allows the milling of zirconium-based restorations in less than 5 minutes, reducing the processing time to more than half
The interactive interface guides the user step by step during the work process, as well as during maintenance procedures or other routine tasks
The integrated cube scanner automatically scans material blocks with compatible data matrix codes, recording information such as type, size, color, or shrinkage factor for zirconium
All milling tools for CEREC Primemill are equipped with a color-coded RFID chip, read by the RFID scanner, and can be monitored on the screen; the user is alerted in case of the need to replace a tool
Ultra-fast milling function: full-contour zirconia crown in less than 5 minutes
7″ touch screen
Scan QR code for CAD-CAM cubes
RFID instrument reader
Precise and fast milling/turning: full-contour zirconia crown turning in a maximum of 5 minutes with the fast milling function
Improved milling strategies, precision, and adaptation with clinical results at the highest level

CEREC Primemill Sirona Dentsply features:

CEREC Primemill: wet-dry grinding and milling unit
7-Zoll Touch Interface.
Super Fast mode for zirconia crowns.
Block scanner and RFID tool reader for an easier and faster workflow.
Complete range for various indications up to a block size of 70 mm.
Smoother surfaces in zirconia restorations.

CEREC Primemill produces restorations with clear margins and a very smooth surface resulting from the high-speed configuration with two axes and four motors. The product has a 7-inch touch interface, an integrated camera to scan blocks with compatible data matrix code, an RFID reader to read the tool information, and a modern and compact design that facilitates the operation.

The developers explain that when creating CEREC Primemill, special attention was paid to ease of use: the large touch interface guides the user through all workflow processes. In addition, restorations, especially zirconia restorations, can be milled faster due to new tools and improved technology.

The time required to fabricate a zirconia crown has been reduced by more than half: from 10-12 minutes to 5 minutes using the new ‘Super Fast’ mode. The complete system does not require any data import or export. All processes are coordinated and fully validated for a 100% integrated experience, which generates greater productivity through process standardization.

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