Fotona laser Smooth XS


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Fotona laser Smooth XS

Fotona laser Smooth XS Features:

Unrivalled Ablation and Coagulation Control
Fotona’s SMOOTH Mode Technology
VSP (Variable Square Pulse) Technology
Wireless footswitch*
* optional feature

Patented Solutions for Ultimate Safety and Precision

Fotona laser Smooth XS ’s simple controls, innovative safety features and easy-to-grasp treatment modes will make your work easier, safer and more efficient. Fotona’s proprietary VSP (Variable Square Pulse) technology creates precisely controlled sequences of square-shaped pulses to maximize safety by eliminating unnecessary laser energy absorption into body tissues. Square-shaped laser pulses avoid the slow rise, and even longer drop-off in pulse power associated with standard laser technologies, which ensures ultimate performance and patient comfort during all treatments.

Fotona laser Smooth XS

EFC (Energy Feedback Control) technology, one of Fotona’s pioneering safety features, actively checks and controls each individual pulse’s energy level to ensure that the output energy is exactly matched for safe and effective treatment. These and other core technologies in the FotonaSmooth XS give you the peace of mind that the parameters you select are being safely and precisely delivered by the system throughout the duration on each treatment, thereby providing unmatched safety and confidence in your system’s ability.

Fotona laser Smooth XS Engineered for Ease of Use

Achieve perfection in clinical results while enjoying unmatched speed and efficiency: the FotonaSmooth™ XS features an intuitive, easy-to-use-interface with customizable memory presets to help you work faster and more effectively. Professionally designed gynecological handpieces, easy-to-select operating modes and many other advanced features further enhance the precision and performance of each procedure for optimal clinical efficacy and unrivalled control during treatments.


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