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Apilux 3G APL is an APL manufacturer of the unique Apilus, has created another specialized solution against hair growth. Apilux 3G is an APL (intense pulsed light) device that through special filters, can provide not only hair removal treatments, but also beauty and regeneration treatments. The ability of Apilux to send a wide range of light, allows it to affect all levels of the skin and damage the hair regardless of the depth it is located. The large crystal and the property of pulsed light, sending light at an angle, allows the total destruction of the hair, dramatically reducing the chance of re-emergence.

Apilux 3G APL is an APL Description
In Apilux 3G the light is emitted through an Xenon lamp, which depending on the filter, emits from 420-1200nm covering a wide range of treatments. With two handpieces, one large at 7.5cm2 for photoepilation and one smaller at 4cm2 with the possibility of changing filters for photorejuvenation, anti-wrinkle, acne, hyperpigmentation and varicose veins treatments.

Fully customizable for personalized adjustments to skin needs but also with ready-made default programs for ease of use. The handpieces are equipped with Peltier plates and an advanced cooling system, achieving a crystal temperature of -4 ° C for painless and pleasant treatments. The Xenon lamp is replaced at 90,000 beats without locking.

reates a weak heat, which stimulates a process of regeneration of collagen and elastin.

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