W&H Lisa dental Vacuum Sterilizer

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W&H Lisa dental Vacuum Sterilizer new generation of Lisa sterilizers from W&H offer intelligent and innovative solutions like EliSense and EliTrace for extraordinary user friendliness as well as traceability down to the individual instrument.

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W&H Lisa dental Vacuum Sterilizer with the easy to use colour touch screen and user-friendly menu structure fits perfectly into your dental practice.

The faster performance of the new Lisa is based on the patented Eco Dry technology that allows precise management of B-cycle steam sterilization for an average load (2kg) in 30 minutes.
A wide range of integrated features for traceability reduces paper handling, time and money without requiring additional software or a PC. In addition, the new Lisa Mobile App helps you monitor up to 4 sterilizers at any time and place in the clinic.
The modern and practical aesthetic design enhances the ergonomics and simplifies maintenance making your life easier and more comfortable.

W&H Lisa dental Vacuum Sterilizer Features :

Remote control of your sterilizer: the user can remotely command up to 4 sterilizers.
Advanced traceability: EliTrace feature is now fully supported and the App permits to create instrument database directly from your smart device. In addition to this function, the management and tracking of dental instruments is integrated.
Reports creation: the App allows making intervention reports in order to collect data regarding specific treatments.
User management: creation and handling of sterilizer users directly from your smart device.
Backup functionality: all the cycle reports are automatically saved to assure more protection of data.
Supplied with reversible rack, 5 aluminium trays, drain tube, tray holder, 8 GB USB drive, door opening tool, factory test
Simple cycle selection
Intuitive navigation
User guidance
Sterilization in record time
High capacity data logger
User identification
Easy filling
Practical design

W&H Lisa dental Vacuum Sterilizer Specification :

  • Chamber size: 17 & 22 litre available
  • Power supply: 200 / 240 V AC 50 – 60 Hz / 10 A
  • Power consumption: 2000 – 2400 W
  • Overall dimensions: W465 x H449 x D599 mm
  • Weight: (17L) 50.2 kg (22L) 51.7 kg
  • Main / Used water tanks: 4 / 3.5 l
  • Working range: 7 to 12 cycles
  • Usable space in chamber: W195 x H195 x D297 mm (17L) W195 x H195 x D390 mm (22L)
  • Connection types: 1 Ethernet port, 3 USB ports, 1 serial port, integrated automatic water filling connection .

Why Choose the W&H Lisa dental Vacuum Sterilizer :

Smart upgrades
Superfast cycles
Secure traceability
Simple operation
Reduced risk of infection
Colour touch screen control
Integrated data log
Time-saving maintenance
Simplified water filling


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