THERMO SCIENTIFIC Orbitrap Fusion Lumos Mass Spectrometer

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Designed to advance your scientific pursuits

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THERMO SCIENTIFIC Orbitrap Fusion Lumos Mass Spectrometer

THERMO SCIENTIFIC Orbitrap Fusion Lumos Mass Spectrometer, Designed to advance your scientific pursuits
The Thermo Scientific Orbitrap Fusion Lumos Tribrid Mass Spectrometer is an advanced performance mass spectrometry system that can be upgraded to even higher resolution (1M), additional dissociation capabilities (UVPD and ETD), and a unique internal calibration (IC). Excel at the most challenging of applications, including low level PTM analysis, multiplexed relative quantitation using isobaric tags, intact protein characterization, as well as MSn analysis of small molecules.

This system incorporates the brightest ion source, a segmented quadrupole mass filter with improved selectivity and ion transmission, Advanced Vacuum Technology for improved ion transmission to the Thermo Scientific Orbitrap mass analyzer, and ETD HD, a higher-capacity ETD fragmentation. Latest innovations include the Advanced Peak Determination (APD) algorithm for improved data-dependent experiments and two new hardware options: UVPD, a new fragmentation technique achieved with a 213 nm UV laser and 1M, which provides 1,000,000 FWHM ultra-high resolution for improved structural elucidation and quantitation of isobaric compounds.

Key features and benefits of Orbitrap Fusion Lumos Tribrid mass spectrometer
Take a look inside the Orbitrap Fusion Lumos Tribrid mass spectrometer, which features an ultra-high-field Orbitrap mass analyzer that ensures scan speeds of up to 20 Hz and a top mass resolution of up to 500,000 (FWHM) at m/z 200. The Fusion Lumos mass spectrometer utilizes an Advanced Active Beam Guide (AABG) and Advanced Quadrupole Technology (AQT) for very stable system operation and exceptional analytical performance.

The Fusion Lumos Tribrid also offers:

Simultaneous analysis of up to 10 samples.
Universal Method for maximal peptide identification without the need for method optimization for unknown concentration samples.
Full parallelization of MS and MSn analyses using ADAPT™ (All Dynamically Available Parallelization Time) technology.
Multiple fragmentation techniques, including CID, HCD, optional ETD and EThcD at any stage of MS, and with detection in the Orbitrap or linear ion trap.
Targeted Synchronous Precursor Selection (SPS) workflows that quantify very low levels of peptides, even from undetected precursors.

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