PACBIO Sequel IIe DNA Synthesizer

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  • Model: Sequel IIe
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PACBIO Sequel IIe DNA Synthesizer

PACBIO Sequel IIe DNA Synthesizer, PacBio Sequel IIe Sequencing System | 101-986-400 | DNA synthesis | SMRT
Used System in amazing condition. Comes straight from a lab.

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The PacBio Sequel IIe uses a single-molecule, real-time (SMRT) sequencing technology that enables the direct observation of DNA synthesis in real-time. This technology allows for the generation of long sequencing reads, often thousands of bases in length, which can span difficult-to-sequence regions, repetitive sequences, and structural variations in the genome.

Applications of PacBio Sequel IIe include:

Genome Assembly: The long-read sequencing capability is particularly useful for generating high-quality de novo genome assemblies, providing better insights into complex regions of the genome and resolving structural variations.

Structural Variation Analysis: The long reads allow for a more accurate and comprehensive characterization of structural variations, such as large insertions, deletions, inversions, and copy number variations.

Epigenetics: SMRT sequencing can be used to study DNA methylation patterns and other epigenetic modifications at the single-molecule level, offering a deeper understanding of gene regulation.

Transcriptome Analysis: Sequencing full-length cDNA molecules allows for isoform-level transcriptome analysis, including identifying alternative splicing events and novel isoforms.

Long-Range PCR Amplicon Sequencing: PacBio Sequel IIe is useful for obtaining long-range PCR amplicons, which can be valuable for studying complex genomic regions or resolving structural variants.


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